If You Thanked God for Curing That Baby’s HIV, You’re Wrong

I know what some Christians are thinking. They assume that God helped those scientists find the cure, that he sort of revealed it to them or at least gave them the knowledge to find it. But I can’t think of a scenario wherein this is true.

Because it isn’t. You can’t just give credit to God when anything good happens and then say it wasn’t him when bad things happen. Especially when these good things are clearly conceived by mankind. If God knew the cure for this long, but held out on us, then he is a cruel, sadistic asshole. How many children had to die before he’d release it? And don’t give me that bullshit about how God’s ways are not our ways and we can’t hold him to the standards of humanity. Ridiculous. If He created us in His image, then we certainly can hold him to his own standard.

This is why apologetics is bullshit. Christians who have to justify their beliefs by bending rules and coming up with long, complicated explanations about the nature of God and the Universe are just kidding themselves. Some realize it, but most don’t.

It was humans who were responsible for finding this cure. It was those scientists and doctors who researched it and tried a drug and it worked. Thank them, but not God.

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